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    New Polyester Strapping Technology:

    Maximum Duty Machine Grade Tensilized Polyester Strapping (PET) was designed for the more demanding strapping applications seen in the steel, metals and timber industries.  Maximum Duty Tensilized Polyester  (PSM Grade Only) has a higher working range and is practically split proof in comparison to other polyester strapping. The new polyester welds better, and offers stronger weld joint strength.  Fox River Packaging can offer free consultation to determine if Maximum Duty PET Tensilized Polyester Strapping assist your company to be safer, to lower packaging costs and very importantly -- to offer ease of application of polyester strapping through superior tooling.  For a demonstration of application specific tooling--please don't hesitate to contact Fox River Packaging

    Maximum Duty PET is available in cross sections up to 1 1/4"X060"

    While there are  fewer applications that require the use of steel strapping, polyester strapping is preferred by consumers if it can be used primarily due to safety and cost. All  Maximun Duty PET is AAR Approved, PSM (Power Strapping Machine) grade.

    Commercially available polyester strapping typically has an elongation of up to 20%.  Maximum Duty PET Tensilized Polyester Strapping  elongates only about  16%, retaining 6-7% elongation when tensioned to its optimum working range.  Load retension and recovery are ideal. Quality counts when choosing a supplier.  

     Contact Fox River Packaging to discuss your challanging strap application. 

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