• filamenttapes

    Filament Tape - Utility Grade
    Polypropylene, Fiberglass Reinforced Strapping Tape.
    Natural Rubber Adhesive
    4.0 Mil Thickness / 100 Lb. Tensile Strength 
    Filament tape used for unitizing pallet loads 
    and bundling items.

  • maskingtapes

    Masking Tape - General Purpose
    Solvent Based Natural Rubber Adhesive
    5.2 Mil Thickness / 20 Lbs. Tensile Strength
    General Purpose grade masking tape used for packaging,
    bundling, and splicing

  • strapping tapes

    Tensiized Polypropylene Black Strapping Tape.
    Acrylic Adhesive
    2.7 Mil Thickness / 90 Lbs. Tensile Strength 
    Predominately used for strapping and unitizing bundles
    and pallet loads. Resistant to high temperatures.
    High Performance BOPP Tesa Nopi Brand Tapes

  • doublesidedtapes
  • ducttapes

    Duct Tape 
    Economy Grade / Silver
    9.0 Mil Thickness
    General repair and patching.

  • electrical tape

    UL Listed - Black, White, Brown, Grey, Green, Orange,
    Red, Purple, Yellow, White
    7.0 Mil Thickness
    General purpose vinyl electrical tape. 

  • Vinyltapes

    PVC Vinyl Tape
    Solvent Based Natural Rubber Adhesive
    6.0 Mil Thickness / 20 Lbs. Tensile Strength
    Used for color coding. Lane marking and safety coding to 
    meet OSHA requirements. 
    Solid: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
    Diagonal Stripe
    Colors available: black/yellow, red/white, black/white

  • bagclosuretapes

    UPVC Coated. Solvent Based Natural Rubber Adhesive.
    2.4 Mil Thickness / 22 Lbs. Tensile Strength
    Colors: White, Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue

  • bluepainttape

    Painter's Blue Masking Tape - Professional 
    Solvent Based Natural Rubber Adhesive
    5.2 Mil Thickness / 28 Lbs. Tensile Strength 
    Professional painter's tape is designed for exposure to
    sunlight for up to 14 days. Exhibits secure adhesion
    and easy, clean removal from most surfaces. Resistant
    to humidity and paint bleed through.

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