Manual Steel strapping tools generally refers to a two piece tool set.  One tool for tensioning the strap--and another for sealing a seal which joins the strap ends to form the loop.  Manual tooling is the most economic choice for lower volume strapping users.

Manual Tensioners

Manual Feedwheel Tensioners are most commonly used for strapping items which have a flat working surface upon which to use the tensioner. A gnurled  feedwheel rotates to continuously to tighten the strap. The continuous pull tension action allows for unlimited slack take up reducing waste material and eliminating the need to pre-cut strap.  Feedwheel Tensioners generally are used with manual double notch sealers and open metal seals. 

Manual Pushbar Tensioners or Rack and Pinion Tensioners are used to strap small and/or irregularly shaped bundles of products when a feedwheel tool cannot be used because of limited flat working surface.  Pusher Tools  require the use of closed metal seals.  The application using pusher tools allows the user to create a loop in front of the tensioner that is tightened around the unit or bundle.  Single reverse notch manual sealers are most commonly used with Pushbar Tensioners. 

Manual Pusher Feedwheel Tensioners are used when unlimited takeup of the strapping is desired and the application requires the use of a closed seal because the package to be strapped may be irregular in geometry or too small to use a feedwheel tensioner.  The strap loop is created in front of the tensioner and the feedwheel offers the unlimited takeup.

Manual Windless Tensioners or Drum Tensioners are used most often in heavy strapping applications where the highest tension is required for safe load securement.  The tensioning is achieved by the strap being wound around a slotted drum in the tensioner that is rotated by a longer tightening handle Maximun leverage and therefore tension is achievable.  Manual Windless Tensioners are most commonly use with Double Reverse Notch  Sealers and Heavy Duty Closed Seals.

Manual Sealers      

Manual Sealers  are used to complete the strap loop by notching or deforming the steel seal which connects the two ends of the steel strap.

Double Notch Sealers are most commonly used with feedwheel tensioners and open metal seals

Single Reverse Notch Sealers  are used with closed seals and push bar or feewheel push tensioners

Double Reverse Notch Sealers  are for heavier duty applications most commonly with larger cross section high tensile strapping like 3/4", 1 1/4" or 2" strap 

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